Who has the remote? This question is often asked around my house because whoever has the remote controls what we are watching. In Genesis 4 we read a story about Cain and his brother Abel and how Cain let his feelings take over his life and end his brothers. You see, there was actually something going in Cain’s heart long before he actually killed his brother. There is always something more to what caused you to act the way you did. Cain was harboring pride, bitterness, and unforgiveness and what we read is just the manifestation of that. Let’s hope that our feelings won’t lead to that extreme but I will tell you whatever in life you don’t deal with will eventually deal with you. Until we deal with these things we cannot move forward into everything God has for us. Most people are getting frustrated with what others have, maybe it’s the promotion they got or the vacation they are taking but the truth is if we would be willing to work as hard as they did we would get the promotion too! We want the fruit without the root. Just like the remote controls what we see on TV our feelings control what outcomes we see in our life. These four different feelings are what will keep you from moving forward:

Comparison- Cain compared himself to Abel and that’s how it all started. Comparison takes the worst in us and the best of them. If God isn’t comparing you to anyone, why are you?

Anger- Anger at its purest root is a victim mentality. When we act out in anger we try to get from other people what they are unable to give us. The only cure for anger is forgiveness.

Unforgiveness– Unforgiveness will bleed into every relationship. True forgiveness is giving up all hope that things would of turned out differently and trusting that God is going to pay back everything that was lost.

Pride– God’s decision to forgive us costs Him His son, our decision to forgive only costs us our pride. Pride is when we begin to set ourselves as the standard everyone should be living up to. Pride compares the best of you and the worst of them.

How to overcome these feelings:

  • Surrender to God.
  • Have compassion for others and yourself.
  • Take ownership of situations and ask yourself, how can I grow from this?

Friend, what is controlling you? It’s time to rise up into all that God has called you to be and we cannot do that until we let go, move on, and trust God!