Have you ever wanted to just give up? Maybe you’ve started something but it’s not exactly ending up how you thought. Or if you’re anything like me you start saying things like, “I thought I would be farther along, or there should be more.” The enemy always wants us to quit, but when it is time to actually quit or keep pushing forward? When I start to debate these options I always go through this before actually making a decision. After all I wouldn’t want to quit something that I’m actually just meant to push through.

What you do in one season will prepare you for the next. Whenever frustration hits, think about your season. There are seasons of sewing, growing, or harvest and whatever it is that you are in right now, make sure you are taking care of that season well.

Make measurable progress before quitting too soon. Most of the time we don’t see the progress we are making. So ask yourself this, what would happen with your business, marriage, and so on if you said I’m going to give 1 full year of my best to this. I love what my friend Alison always says, clear definitions equal freedom. What does success look like to you?

Stop and think about putting that “thing” down and not doing it anymore. After you do that, are you full of peace or full of dread? When quitting gives you peace you know it’s the right direction to go. The things Jesus requires us to do give us peace, not stress and worry. Not saying that things won’t get hard or there won’t be trials but in the long run whatever it is you are doing should bring you peace!

Remember why you are doing what you are doing! In all you do, be full of peace knowing that whether you push through or move on you are making the right decision!