When is the last time you made up your mind for you and not because someone told you what you should do? I love the story in Mark 10:51 about the blind man that was sitting by the road, and Jesus asks him what do you want me to do for you? He didn’t say what does your family, friends, or people surrounding you want for you. Because we all know that everybody has an opinion on what your life should be like by now, what success is, or how you should raise your kids and the list goes on. Here Jesus is and He asks what do you want when the answer was clear as day that the man was blind and he obviously wanted to be made well. If you are waiting on others to define where you should be in life or what your career should look like then you will be going in two different directions and we all know that never ends up well. You have to decide what voice you will listen to and not fall into pressure of what those around you are saying. Every dream and every goal starts on the inside of you. Nobody else can carry God’s plan for your life like you can. If you’re finding yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated chances are you are trying to find answers from the outside instead of within. Jesus made you uniquely you to carry the call on your life, absolutely no one else can carry that. So, how do we do this?

Stop living the life that everyone else wants you to live. There is not enough time to fulfill God’s assignment and be what everybody else wants you to be.

Stop apologizing and hiding your success. Stop apologizing for what you are believing for because you don’t want others to judge you.

Your faith will change things. Just like the blind man, he believed he could be healed by Jesus and so he boldly asked to be healed. You don’t have to convince others, just stand firm on what you believe God can do and watch it come to pass! 

Friend, don’t allow people who are behind you define you. Run your race and be proud of where God takes you knowing it’s what YOU are called to do!