Waiting is never fun. If you think about it we are usually always waiting on something. Whether it be at the doctors office, waiting for a phone call, or a step farther, waiting on God’s promise. One of the hardest parts of being a Christian is not receiving a promise from God but waiting out that promise. Most people in the Bible waited several years to see their fulfillment, even Jesus did! He waited 30 years to begin His ministry and He was the son of God. I can guarantee if He had to wait, so will we! As my favorite Joyce Meyer says, there are no drive through breakthroughs! We will all have to wait at some point and here’s what you can do during that season:

Be faithful to the last thing that God told you to do. If you want to know what God wants you to do today just listen to the last thing He told you to do. Maybe for you that is to start working out again or to start serving in your church. Whatever it is, you just have one responsibility and that is to be faithful in the last thing He told you! Everyone that gets promoted is found first being faithful in what God has told them to do.

Remember what God said. When you find yourself in a waiting season it is so important to remember what God said. God does not forget you for a single moment! Remind God and declare daily what He has promised you.

Don’t define what God will do next by what is happening now. So often God is doing a new thing in our life and our waiting season is coming to an end but we don’t see it because it doesn’t look like we thought it would. Sometimes it’s not going to happen like you think. In one moment, God can change everything!!

Friend, whatever season of waiting you are in, I want to encourage you to keep pressing on, your breakthrough is closer than you think!