We all have keys. Each key gives you different access to different things. Prayer can be the same way. There are different types of prayers that we can pray and each one gives you access to different things in the kingdom. Why do we need these different prayers? To stop and interrupt the enemies plan for our life! The enemy is actively working to stop the plans God has for your life. Prayer is the key that unlocks the door to faith. Let’s talk about the different types of prayers that we can pray to help us unlock those doors and have access to all the God has for us!

Prayer of Petition- Making our requests known to God. More times than not we talk more about the problem than the solution. Let the solution be more of the focus and just ask God and make known what you are wanting.

Intercessory Prayer- Praying on behalf of others and believing God for them. When someone asks for prayer we need to stand in the gap between Gods plan for their life and their current situation. Believe God for them!

Surrender Prayer- Letting God know you can’t do anything without Him. God tells us to cast our cares and anxiety to Him. But, He won’t take anything from us until you first give it to Him. True surrender is taking your hands off and trusting completely that God is doing what you can’t.

Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving- Entering with the password thank you. How great is that! We don’t have to search for the password or do a reset, it’s that simple…Thank you! All that God has for you is through the password. Declare and thank God for what He has done and what He is about to do!

Prayer of Agreement- Agreeing in prayer with someone else. Link your faith with someone who believes with you! Be bold and ask someone to be in agreement with you for something you are believing for.

United Prayer- A body of believers coming to God and believing God for the same thing at the same time. You will see this prayer throughout churches and a large body of believers praying for something to see supernaturally happen in the natural.

Whatever prayer you are currently praying, I hope this leads you to the right key you are needing to unlock your faith! I’m standing in agreement with you believing that the best is yet to come!