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You are called. There is no taking it away or changing it and you don’t get to choose how you are called. I love in 1 Samuel 16 where the prophet Samuel shows up to Jesse’s house and he informs him that one of his sons will be anointed as the next king. The reality was the son that was chosen was the son that his father would never have thought could be a king. You see, the father didn’t get to choose which son would be chosen and neither did David! God already had the calling on David’s life. In fact, most people in the bible don’t get called in this magnificently beautiful way but in a way that we would never think possible. The thing about calling is we don’t get to choose how or what it looks like. More times than not, God shows up not when you are doing mighty and great things (although He is with you there too) but He shows up in the everyday ordinary, when we are being faithful with whats in our hands. So often we have this idea of wanting to do something great for God and most times God is just wanting us to be faithful where we are. The other thing about calling is you don’t get to choose where you are called to. It’s not about what is convenient for you at the time, in fact, majority of the time it’s a place that will take you out of your comfort zone and where you fully have to rely on God. God will surround you with the most unlikely people who speak potential into your life and who start to unlock those God given dreams. We get to our calling by us putting a stop on limiting where and how God can use us. We have to be available for what He has planned for us. Trust me when I say, when God is ready… be ready! He can make anything happen at any moment and He will use those who are being faithful in the ordinary. So friend, whether you think so or not God has a call on your life and it will happen in His time at the right time! XO