One of the most common questions I get is, what does it look like to be a Christian in today’s world? In 2 Corinthians 8:7 (TPT) the Bible tells us, You do well and excel in every respect—in unstoppable faith, in powerful preaching, in revelation knowledge, in your passionate devotion, and in sharing the love we have shown to you. So make sure that you also excel in grace-filled generosity. I believe this scripture alone shows us how we can be a Christian in today’s society, here’s how:

Unstoppable Faith / So many of us are great at starting to believe for things but not as good at seeing it through. God spoke to me a couple days ago time and said He wants more of His people to not be just great starters but great finishers! I had to ask myself this and I want to challenge you to do the same, how good are you on day 20 vs day 1 of believing for something? True faith does not have an expiration date!

Powerful Preaching / I know your first thought when you saw this, “I’m not a preacher”! Preaching doesn’t mean you stand on a platform and spread the word, the truth is every one of you have a story to tell and your story will unlock someone else’s story! Someone today is waiting for you to share your testimony and tell about the goodness of God.

Revelation Knowledge / We can do this by spending time in His word and studying it out. Memorizing scripture can be powerful, in this you begin to have the mind of Christ and begin to grow in revelation and knowledge of who God is.

Passionate Devotion / Our time with God isn’t a box we check or a religious have-to. Spending time with God is not something we have to do but something we get to do.

Sharing Love / Instead of looking at 1% of something you don’t like in someone and focusing on that choose to see the 99% of things they are doing right. Share your love with other people by focusing on the good in people and praising them in those areas. Lead the way with your love. God loves the people you don’t know and you don’t like. It is not your job to change people, only your job to love them. 

Generosity / Instead of everything being all about you, it now becomes all about others!

  • Generous people always see opportunities to bless others.
  • Generous people always think of ways to bless others.
  • Generosity brings stability.

God has a big plan for our world, and it starts with you and me! Let’s get to work!