Ever been disappointed? Yea, me too. Where you have been believing God for something really good and then, in a moment, that hope turns to disappointment. You feel like you’ve been doing everything you are supposed to be doing yet the situation still didn’t turn out how you thought it would. Sometimes the hardest times in our life are when God doesn’t show up the way we had thought. Most of us have heard often “ask and receive”, like it’s just that simple. But the truth is if it was as easy as just asking and receiving everyone would be doing it. I think we think it can happen just as fast as we can say it when instead the reality is there is a long pause between the asking and the receiving. This pause is what starts to shape our faith, define what we believe about God, and it begins to change the way we see our circumstances. During this time is exactly what the enemy wants. This is prime time to try and come in and redefine what you believe about God, your life, and yourself. When this happens, there are lies that the enemy will tell you to get you to pull away from God. When I start to hear these lies I know its a warning sign that the enemy is trying to keep me from all that God has.  

  • This is the way it has always been. It’s funny how in just a moment of disappointment we all of the sudden immediately forget all that God has done in our life. In that moment it seems like all we can remember is all the failures we’ve had and how things seem to never work out.
  • Your best days are behind you. There is no way you are going to get out of this, your best days are behind you, how could God turn this around? Sound familiar?
  • You’re never going to get out of this. Feeling like you’re completely helpless. This sickness and financial struggle will always be there. Or maybe you think your marriage will always be this way.

Instead, remember what God says.

  • The new thing won’t look like the old thing. Don’t ever define what God is going to do from what’s happened in the past. He is going to do a new thing, and make it better than before!
  • You’re best days are ahead. As long as you are alive God is going to use you!
  • He came to set you free from sin. Jesus has already promised us that we can be set free! It doesn’t matter how impossible it seems, God is a God of making the impossible possible!

Whatever season you are in, begin to trust God and reject the lies the enemy is telling you. Keep your eyes on God, holding onto His truth, and one day you will be walking in the full fulfillment of what God has for you!