When you hear of a leper your first thought is probably not a hero. I want look in 2 Kings 7 with you about how a group of lepers could just be what we’ve been missing in our faith walk. In verse 1 the prophet Elisha issues a decree letting the people know that the famine would be lifted soon. People of course doubted because looking around even a miracle from God couldn’t seem to get them out of this. But God is a God of impossibilities being made possible. When God speaks a promise into your own life, are you choosing to step into fear or into faith? You can never define your life by what’s currently happening. Then in verses 3-4 the lepers bring a whole new perspective! What they are saying here is we have nothing to lose and everything to gain! But this can only happen by taking action. The same is true in our own lives, if God said it then you have to take a step towards it. True belief causes us to act. Stop being in a place of one day and someday. There were only four people who chose to believe the decree that day and act on it. Most of the time when God makes a promise we won’t understand it or it won’t make sense but if God said it we have to choose to believe it! We’ll never sow the seed that God’s called us to sew if we look at our circumstances and in that we’ll also never see the harvest. If we are always looking at circumstances to tell us how to act or what we are going to believe we will never reap the harvest God has promised. If God said it then believe it, you don’t need proof. Action is always the antidote for fear. Any time in your life that you are hopeless its because you are inactive in that area. Just imagine how those lepers felt walking into that city, they were taking action and no longer felt victim to their circumstance. And what a surprise they had waiting for them! Maybe your thinking you’ve messed up to much or there is no way God could use you for that promise but I want to declare over your life that God knows your limitations and He calls you anyways! Just like the lepers, people would of said otherwise but God chose them for the miracle! Don’t let fear hold you back. The moment you take that step of faith God starts to clear your path and you will be surprised to see all that you fear is not even there!

It’s time to take action, the blessings are waiting for you!