Many of you have probably heard of the rich young ruler in Mark 10:17-30. His famous question of what might I do to inherit the Kingdom of God? Once God explains to him how he can inherit eternal life he becomes very sorrowful because he had a lot of great possessions. This scripture has been described in many different ways and has been taken out of context but I want to dissect this story with you so you can see how God does want us to be prosperous and live a blessed life. In vs 25 the eye of the needle was a gate into a city. In that time they loaded everything onto the backs of a camel and would take it into the city’s gate. Obviously the more you have the higher the stack on the camel’s back would be. The gate into the city was very small so naturally if you had a large pile of possessions you would have to take it off of the camel in order to fit into the gate. What God was illustrating in this verse is that if the man gave it all away that He would give it and more back to him, it wasn’t that if he had a lot of possessions then he wouldn’t be able to enter the city. Jesus wasn’t after his possessions, just like he isn’t after our behavior or our church attendance, He is after our heart! The rich young ruler was boasting about how he had it all together, had not made any mistakes and seemed to be “perfect”, yet Jesus in a moment exposed the area where he lacked trust in God- His finances. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t want him to be rich but He wanted him to trust Him with his finances. God wants you and I to be financially prosperous, He doesn’t want us to struggle to pay our bills and live in lack. You see, when we aren’t living prosperous all we think about is ourselves. How am I going to pay the next bill or how am I going to put food on the table but when God begins to bless us our minds begin to shift off ourselves and we start thinking about others and where we are able to bless others and give more. The Lord’s Prayer states “on earth as it is in Heaven”. Do you think in Heaven they are struggling? No! The streets are paved with gold!! If God told us to pray this prayer then that would conclude that we are supposed to live this kind of life today here on earth. Not in lack or struggling but living life abundantly. Yes we can be rich in love, hope, joy, and peace but we also can in our finances as well. At the end of the day God is after your heart. Are you trusting Him in your finances or are you trying to handle that area of your life on your own? 

Friend,God wants to bless you and make you exceedingly prosperous so through that you can be a blessing to those around you! XO