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Valentines Day is just around the corner and you are probably finding yourself looking for gifts for your significant other and ways to make them feel loved and special. Or maybe you are single in this season and you’re praying for that special someone to come into your life. Either way we all need guidance when it comes to relationships. Relationships aren’t great naturally, it takes time, effort, and work. These are the top 9 relationship habits that I believe will keep your relationship healthy and happy:

  1. Have similar values and beliefs. Find out the vision of where you are heading in life and make sure you and your partner are on the same page so you can support one another. 
  2. Have respect, honesty, and truth for each other. This speaks for itself, have a house that builds up one another. Remember, your children are always watching and they see how you treat each other and how you speak about each other to others. 
  3. Acceptance. Your partner is not you, so stop trying to make them another version of you. Accept that they are who they are and you make a pretty great team together! Ask yourself this- is the majority of your prayer time spent on changing them or changing you?
  4. Communication. You can tell if your communication is clear by if you can communicate your wants and needs directly and honestly.
  5. Conflict Resolution. Apologize when you are wrong! You can have pride or you can have a good marriage but you can’t have both. 
  6. Put your spouse first. If you see an area where your spouse is pouring into (*kids life*) it’s probably because they aren’t getting what they need from you. Make your spouse a priority!
  7. Friendship. Do you and your partner have fun together? Spend time together doing things you love. That doesn’t mean you can’t have time with friends and do things alone but don’t neglect doing all the fun stuff without your spouse.
  8. Intimacy. Have that conversation of what the expectations are. Be open and honest with your needs. Intimacy isn’t just about sex but about physical touch and spending time together. Know what the need is and fill that need. 
  9. Healed past. Your partner is not responsible for how your relationship was with an ex or family member. You can’t project your past pain onto your partner, go to counseling and let them handle it. 

Relationships take work and the enemy is always looking for a crack in your relationship. In order to keep a strong healthy relationship we have to be intentional about making these decisions daily that way when conflict arises the enemy has no place. Nobody said it would be easy but it will be worth it! XO