The older I get the more I realize that I like staying in and doing activities at home on the weekends. The moment I realized this was when I found myself doing a puzzle on a Friday night and having a competition with one of my friends of who could finish the puzzle faster. I know, you’re jealous! The only problem was when I finished this 1500 piece puzzle, we had ONE piece missing. You can imagine the frustration and disappointment! I begin to think of this and how it relates to our life. We have this box and picture of what life is supposed to look like but yet it doesn’t seem to have all the pieces we need. We get to the end of the puzzle and feel like we’ve been forgotten by God but I want to remind you friend just as the Bible tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, God has a plan for you. He formed you and knew your plan long before you did! There are a couple thoughts that will help us get through the process of life that I believe we can learn from this puzzle picture:

  1. The piece never looks like the picture. Not every piece (or season) is going to look the way you think. As a matter of fact, God often shows us the vision but then sends us back to reality. If that’s you, you’re in good company, because every person that is going after God feels that way at some point or multiple times in their life. The true question is can you be faithful with this piece of life? If so, that is what qualifies you for the full picture. No season is wasted in God.
  2. Every piece has a place. I  think we overlook this often in our own life because we think God wants to use someone who has special talents, gifts, or even more time. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. He is looking for someone who is available and willing to say yes! As we show up and say yes, He qualifies.
  3. Patience connects the pieces. Don’t tap out on what God has for you because you get weary in the waiting. We will all have reasons to think that God will fail us, but it’s what you believe in those moments that shapes you the most. The same God that was faithful in the Bible is faithful to you. Be patient in the waiting!

God’s not finished with you yet! Don’t lose hope because it doesn’t look like you thought it should, be patient in knowing that the same God that fulfilled His promises in the Bible is faithful to fulfill yours as well. Cheering you on in every season. XO