How’s your peace? In Isaiah 26:3 the Bible tells us we can have perfect peace. I don’t know about you but sometimes it hard enough to have peace in general let alone perfect peace. What I love about this scripture is that peace simply means prosperity, wholeness, harmony, nothing missing, nothing broken. God’s will for us to live in perfect peace means all of these things! In order to live in this peace we have to understand that it’s not from the world but from Him alone {John 14:27}.  The world’s peace is conditional where the His peace is unconditional. So what exactly does perfect peace look like? It looks like Jesus on a boat sleeping when there was a storm and everyone else was freaking out! It looks like Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead when everyone else said it had been too long. Every situation Jesus was confronted with He was at perfect peace, you never saw Him have a panic attack or living in anxiety or worry. We too can apply this to our everyday lives but in order to do that we have to first start to understand that the impossible seems reasonable. A sign that your mind is renewed is when you know that God is able to do the impossible. Mark 11:23 lets us know that we can move a mountain! He wants us to live knowing that the impossible is possible. Maybe you don’t need to move a physical mountain but what about that mountain of debt or that mountain of bad health reports? When we walk in faith there is nothing to big for us to move! What are you saying when you get a bad report or when something doesn’t go as expected? We must start to declare the goodness of God and all that He can do and then you will start to see the perfect peace of God show up in all areas of your life! XO