On a recent trip my family and I took to NY we were watching people at the airport and noticed a man holding flowers waiting for someone to get off the plane. He seemed very anxious yet excited and we couldn’t wait to see how the person that was meeting him would react! We just knew they would be so excited too! Well to our surprise the girl gets off the plane and has very little reaction. We couldn’t believe it! We just knew she would be so excited. In seeing this play out, I felt so strongly in my heart that I never want my relationship with God to be like that. If we aren’t careful, life will get busy and we can approach God with a not really interested attitude instead of running to His arms with excited anticipation and passionately pursuing Him. The truth is that God, like the man at the airport, is excitingly waiting for us each and every day! He is always planning moments to surprise us and show us His love. If we aren’t careful we will end up being real passive about this and dismiss it just like the girl did at the airport. In thinking about this I wanted to share with you a few ways that I think we can continue to always be passionately pursuing God.

  • Don’t let fear have the last word. We have to be careful to not get so preoccupied by the fear and anxieties of today. If we let this happen we miss the blessings and after all God has the final word!
  • Everyday in every way you are in the middle of a miracle. I want you to declare this over your life! It doesn’t matter what things look like right now or what your circumstances say, if God said it, then it is done! Just pursue God in the process and be faithful right where you are.
  • Prioritize your calling above all else. In this you will have to surround yourself with people who will build you up and encourage you in your calling. If you let people and negative circumstances get in your way you will miss out on all that God has for you and the miracle in the making!

If you are wanting to see all these things come to pass, stop and evaluate where you are spending your time. Are you prioritizing the things that are most important or are you letting the urgent things of the day run you over? Seeking the Kingdom first wasn’t a suggestion, it is a command! When we do this, everything will fall into place!