Practice Makes Perfect

My aunt is always talking down about herself. The other day I asked her if one of her friends came in and told her how old she looked, how much weight she had gained, or how her hair is always a mess, what would she do? She immediately said, well I’d get up and pop them right in the face! Now although that’s funny, those are the things she tells herself daily. If it’s not okay for a friend to say them, why is it okay for us to say them? The words we speak become what we believe, what we believe becomes our actions, and our actions become our habits, and habits become the fruit of our lives. What you are seeing in your today is a direct result of that. Everything you see right now is the product of what you believe. What are you saying? We have to start practicing declaring good things over our lives. You’ve heard the saying “practice makes perfect” and this couldn’t be more true for words spoken over our lives. The more you do something the better you become. The better you become the more victories you start to see.There may not be a payoff in the beginning but if you keep doing what’s right over and over again you’ll begin to see results. As a society we’ve gotten so good about talking about the bad that we rarely see the good anymore. You don’t ever see a group of children sitting around talking about how bad the weather is and how it’s going to put a hold on their trip to the park. No, they just want to go to the park and have fun! We are taught how to complain and let our circumstances define our life. The Bible tells us now faith is the substance of things hoped for. In other words once you believe something it’s as good as done in God’s mind. Faith is us calling God’s plans for good things into our lives and we tend to do the opposite, we believe negative things which is calling the enemies plans into our life. If you want to change your life you have to change your words. Start practicing speaking good things over your life and others, talk about what things will be not as they are! Anything is possible if you just believe. Practice makes perfect! XO

It’s not too late!

Has this been your best year ever? Maybe it has, and that’s great, but maybe your like the majority of us and are nowhere near your news years goals. The good news is, it’s not too late! Don’t look at half of the year being gone but instead half a year left to finish. The key to success is not to just have a vision for a better life (most people naturally have that) but the key is persistence. It’s not what you do once that matters but it’s what you are willing to do over and over again. If you want this year to be your best year ever, you need to make up your mind that you are going to use the remainder of this year to remind yourself of what you originally set out to do and make that happen! Here’s how:

  1. Start dreaming. Life is busy, and it’s easy to let it take over but it’s never too late to stop and dream! We get too busy and overwhelmed that we don’t give ourselves the time or permission to take the time to dream. So if you want to be in better shape, or want to be more spiritual, what does that look like to you. Most of the time we don’t even know what we want when someone asks you. So, what do you want? 
  2. You have to be specific. Know exactly what it is that you are believing for. Goals should be measurable. Goals are dreams with deadlines and if it’s better shape you want to be in then you need to be specific with how to get there. Ask yourself these questions for each goal:
  • How much?
  • By what time?
  • What is the plan to get me there?
  • Have a written statement that you declare daily. 

          The more specific and detailed you are the easier it is to obtain your goals. 

  1. Review often. Keeping your goals in front of you often is a way to remind yourself of what you are trying to accomplish. This helps to evaluate where you are on the journey and see where you want to be. 

Friend, it’s never too late to start dreaming and be clear about your goals. Maybe you didn’t start the year well, but you can always finish well. XO

Pain to Power

Whether your a business owner, on the HOA board, or maybe in the PTO, when people leave your organization it hurts. Unfortunately, it’s something we all go through as leaders and it’s hard not to take it personal. In 1 John 2:19 (TPT) the Bible tells us,  For even though they were once a part of us, they withdrew from us because they were never really of our number. For if they had truly belonged to us they would have continued with us. By leaving our community of believers they made it obvious that they never really belonged to us. We see here in John that he too is struggling with the same thing. This shows us that it’s something we all deal with. The very fact that it hurts that someone has left means that your in the right place to be leading. When we truly give people our hearts it should hurt when they leave. If you ever get to a place where it doesn’t hurt, it’s time to reevaluate and reflect on your leadership. When I’ve been in this place there are a couple things that I remind myself of and process through to help me recover and get back to a healthy place to lead. 

  1. It isn’t about you. It’s easy to start to go on a negative cycle and beat ourselves up about what went wrong. The truth is there is probably more going on than you realize. Take time to talk to those who have left and connect with them about what is going on in their life and take ownership where you can but also realize that it’s probably more about them than you. 
  2. Learn from everything. In Jesus nothing is wasted, He uses every single thing. But honestly sometimes the truth comes in really crappy packages. What we can get out of the truth is what will help you grow as a leader. Don’t just get offended, stop and listen and see if there is any element of truth in why they left. 
  3. Grace keeps the door open. When we get hurt our tendency is to close the door and shut everyone out but in that we also keep the good from coming in. The door has to be open for people to come back or new people to come in and we can’t do that if we are shut off and distant because we fear someone might do the same thing. 

Friend, Jesus talked to thousands but at the end of the day He was with the twelve. We must remember that if Jesus couldn’t retain all those people then we surely aren’t going to. It’s okay to lose people as long as you learn it isn’t always about you, learn from what you can, and to keep the door open so others can come in. Turn your pain into power and see what God can do! XO

Comparison Trap

Comparison is the thief of everything we want most in life. In 2 Kings 3, we read a story about a king going through a war that seemingly he is about to lose. He is feeling defeated and desperate for a victory. Instead of turning to Jesus, all he can think of is what has worked for others in the past. How often this happens in our own life. We start to compare others stories to our own. We look at how she parents her children, or how they started that business, and the list goes on. Instead of asking God how we should move forward we base our idea of success on what others have accomplished and the patterns they took to get there. Here is the King of Israel looking for an easy way out by trying to copy what others have done to get to a victory. Can you relate? We can’t get what others have by copying them, the only thing that will make you have success is if God has spoken it over your life. We must get before the Lord and ask Him what He would have us do instead of looking to what others have done. When we get in that place it leaves the door open for us to:

  • Get a word from God. 
  • Obey what He is asking of you (even if it looks foolish). 
  • See Him show up. 

Victory will only come when you stop comparing and get in a position to hear God’s word for you! Maybe you aren’t seeing the results you want because you are too busy trying to be like everyone else. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you, and start seeing victories like never before.



Don’t get stuck!

A journey that should of taken 11 days took the Israelites 40 years. If we can be honest with ourselves most of us have been stuck in this same place. It’s taking way longer to get to the place God has called us to be than it should. There are many reasons why the Israelites took the long journey but I want to share with you the four main things that I believe we can learn from this journey that are holding us back. 

Complaining / God takes it personal when we start to complain. Complaining trains your mind to see the negative in your life and the more we complain the more things we don’t want will appear in our lives. Death and life are in the power of the tongue so your life is as good or as bad as you make it. Just like the Israelites, God was providing for them in supernatural ways but all they could see was what wasn’t working. Complaining only glorifies what the enemy is doing so instead start being grateful and glorify what God is doing!

Fear / Every decision you make is made through fear or through faith. Fear makes you live your life in expectation that something bad is going to happen where faith makes you live for the good to happen. Fear has one objective, to keep you where you’ve always been instead of letting you see where you can go. What is fear taking from you?

Self-centeredness / We must become more focused on how we can make others known and greater instead of ourselves. If you woke up tomorrow and God answered all your prayers from today, what would be changed, you or the world? Let His blessings flow in and through you!

Isolation / There is a multiplication effect that happens when you get united with other people. So of course the enemy is going to try and keep you from that. The enemies one objective is to get you alone so he can feed you with lies. The more lies we hear the more walls we build up. The walls we build can keep sadness out but they also keeps joy from coming in.

Friend, you can’t impact and influence the world around you if you are alone, living in fear, constantly complaining, and only worried about yourself. It’s time to stop assisting the devil and to get in step with God to see what He has for you!!