A Woman’s Role

The year 1919 marked a time in history for women. Women were now able to vote. With that brought many other opportunities for women throughout the years. In fact, women are now able to have leadership roles in our country, run large corporations, and able to give their life on a mission field but there is still one place that women aren’t accepted to have leadership roles and that is in the church. There are several scriptures in the Bible that back women in ministry that I want to share with you. But first, I want to clarify that in order for any belief or view to be considered doctrine these things must take place-

  1. It must be taught in the old testament
  2. It must be taught by Jesus
  3. It must be taught by the apostles in the new testament
  4. It must be practiced by the new testament church

Taught in Old Testament:

Judges 4:4-6 / The Bible calls her a prophetess, who is leading both women and men.

Joel 2:28 / The only way to prophesy is to speak vocally which this states that sons and daughters will teach the word.

Taught by Jesus:

John 4– After this life changing moment for the women at the well, He tells her to go and share her story with everyone and the whole city came out to hear. He didn’t tell her to specifically go tell women or stay away from telling her story to men but to share her story with everyone! If Jesus was against women leading then why would He send a women to go tell her story? Every time we share the message of Jesus, we are sharing our story, our testimony, of how Jesus changed our life. She was preaching the gospel message to all!

John 20:11-18 / When Mary finds Jesus has risen, He tells her to go and tell the good news to all the disciples. Her first assignment was to go and speak the good news to men.

Taught by apostles in the New Testament:

Philippians 4:2-3 / Paul spoke of Women being partners in the ministry with him and spreading the gospel.

Acts 2:18 / Male and female servants shall prophesy. 

Practiced by New Testament church:  

Acts 9:36 / She had good works and acts of charity to mixed company, it didn’t specify men or women. 

Act 21:8-9 / There were 4 daughters who had the gift of prophecy. 

These are just a few references that Jesus supported and encouraged women to use their speaking gift to tell their story and play a part in leadership roles while spreading the gospel. We are made to beautifully compliment each other as men and women and lead side by side all while sharing the love of Jesus to all! I hope this encouraged you to use your story and not hold back from what God has called you to do as a woman or man. I’m cheering you on! XO 

Who’s in control?

Who has the remote? This question is often asked around my house because whoever has the remote controls what we are watching. In Genesis 4 we read a story about Cain and his brother Abel and how Cain let his feelings take over his life and end his brothers. You see, there was actually something going in Cain’s heart long before he actually killed his brother. There is always something more to what caused you to act the way you did. Cain was harboring pride, bitterness, and unforgiveness and what we read is just the manifestation of that. Let’s hope that our feelings won’t lead to that extreme but I will tell you whatever in life you don’t deal with will eventually deal with you. Until we deal with these things we cannot move forward into everything God has for us. Most people are getting frustrated with what others have, maybe it’s the promotion they got or the vacation they are taking but the truth is if we would be willing to work as hard as they did we would get the promotion too! We want the fruit without the root. Just like the remote controls what we see on TV our feelings control what outcomes we see in our life. These four different feelings are what will keep you from moving forward:

Comparison- Cain compared himself to Abel and that’s how it all started. Comparison takes the worst in us and the best of them. If God isn’t comparing you to anyone, why are you?

Anger- Anger at its purest root is a victim mentality. When we act out in anger we try to get from other people what they are unable to give us. The only cure for anger is forgiveness.

Unforgiveness– Unforgiveness will bleed into every relationship. True forgiveness is giving up all hope that things would of turned out differently and trusting that God is going to pay back everything that was lost.

Pride– God’s decision to forgive us costs Him His son, our decision to forgive only costs us our pride. Pride is when we begin to set ourselves as the standard everyone should be living up to. Pride compares the best of you and the worst of them.

How to overcome these feelings:

  • Surrender to God.
  • Have compassion for others and yourself.
  • Take ownership of situations and ask yourself, how can I grow from this?

Friend, what is controlling you? It’s time to rise up into all that God has called you to be and we cannot do that until we let go, move on, and trust God!


Don’t Give Up!

I found myself asking God, is there ever going to be a time in my life where I don’t need a miracle to see the next thing happen? And instantly He tells me, Crystal, the goal of your Christian life is not to need me less, but to rely on me more. Wow! What I realized in that moment is so often we want to give up because what we are facing seems impossible and the truth is that God did not make us to live mediocre and average lives. He made us to be continuously going into great and wonderful things. Let me put it this way, if you feel like giving up that means you are on your way to doing something big for God. People that live average lives don’t need God to get through everyday tasks but those who are pressing on for bigger and better things need God on a daily basis. There are a few stories that come to my mind when I think about living a lifestyle that doesn’t give up easily:

Luke 18 /  Do not give up.  What we can learn from this is not to give up even when others, especially those we look up to, tell you otherwise. We have to keep pushing forward even when someone tells you you’re not good enough.

Matthew 9 / Don’t worry about what people say. If the woman, who touched the hem of His garment, in this story would of let the crowds opinion of her keep her from Jesus she would of never known what He had available for her. So often we let other people keep us from what God has. Somebody else’s opinion of you does not matter!

Luke 19 / What you don’t have couldn’t keep you from all God has. We are really good at taking inventory of our shortcomings, our weaknesses, and what we don’t have. Quit letting what you don’t have keep you from doing what you can. Just like Zaccheaus in this story, he couldn’t make himself any taller but he could use what he had (the tree) in his situation. Utilize everything you do have to the best of your ability and let God handle the rest!

God has called us to not give up! He is looking for people who keep pressing on even when circumstances aren’t going your way, and I know you are just that person!! Keep pressing forward friend, you got this!



The Life of a Christian

One of the most common questions I get is, what does it look like to be a Christian in today’s world? In 2 Corinthians 8:7 (TPT) the Bible tells us, You do well and excel in every respect—in unstoppable faith, in powerful preaching, in revelation knowledge, in your passionate devotion, and in sharing the love we have shown to you. So make sure that you also excel in grace-filled generosity. I believe this scripture alone shows us how we can be a Christian in today’s society, here’s how:

Unstoppable Faith / So many of us are great at starting to believe for things but not as good at seeing it through. God spoke to me a couple days ago time and said He wants more of His people to not be just great starters but great finishers! I had to ask myself this and I want to challenge you to do the same, how good are you on day 20 vs day 1 of believing for something? True faith does not have an expiration date!

Powerful Preaching / I know your first thought when you saw this, “I’m not a preacher”! Preaching doesn’t mean you stand on a platform and spread the word, the truth is every one of you have a story to tell and your story will unlock someone else’s story! Someone today is waiting for you to share your testimony and tell about the goodness of God.

Revelation Knowledge / We can do this by spending time in His word and studying it out. Memorizing scripture can be powerful, in this you begin to have the mind of Christ and begin to grow in revelation and knowledge of who God is.

Passionate Devotion / Our time with God isn’t a box we check or a religious have-to. Spending time with God is not something we have to do but something we get to do.

Sharing Love / Instead of looking at 1% of something you don’t like in someone and focusing on that choose to see the 99% of things they are doing right. Share your love with other people by focusing on the good in people and praising them in those areas. Lead the way with your love. God loves the people you don’t know and you don’t like. It is not your job to change people, only your job to love them. 

Generosity / Instead of everything being all about you, it now becomes all about others!

  • Generous people always see opportunities to bless others.
  • Generous people always think of ways to bless others.
  • Generosity brings stability.

God has a big plan for our world, and it starts with you and me! Let’s get to work!



What do you want?

When is the last time you made up your mind for you and not because someone told you what you should do? I love the story in Mark 10:51 about the blind man that was sitting by the road, and Jesus asks him what do you want me to do for you? He didn’t say what does your family, friends, or people surrounding you want for you. Because we all know that everybody has an opinion on what your life should be like by now, what success is, or how you should raise your kids and the list goes on. Here Jesus is and He asks what do you want when the answer was clear as day that the man was blind and he obviously wanted to be made well. If you are waiting on others to define where you should be in life or what your career should look like then you will be going in two different directions and we all know that never ends up well. You have to decide what voice you will listen to and not fall into pressure of what those around you are saying. Every dream and every goal starts on the inside of you. Nobody else can carry God’s plan for your life like you can. If you’re finding yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated chances are you are trying to find answers from the outside instead of within. Jesus made you uniquely you to carry the call on your life, absolutely no one else can carry that. So, how do we do this?

Stop living the life that everyone else wants you to live. There is not enough time to fulfill God’s assignment and be what everybody else wants you to be.

Stop apologizing and hiding your success. Stop apologizing for what you are believing for because you don’t want others to judge you.

Your faith will change things. Just like the blind man, he believed he could be healed by Jesus and so he boldly asked to be healed. You don’t have to convince others, just stand firm on what you believe God can do and watch it come to pass! 

Friend, don’t allow people who are behind you define you. Run your race and be proud of where God takes you knowing it’s what YOU are called to do!