Have you ever been part of a statistic? Chances are you will be a part of this one-  80% of Americans say they are overwhelmed and need more time. I just love how in just 3 short years Jesus fulfilled 400 prophecies and was never once in a hurry. As of matter of fact He chose to even took a donkey as a mode of transportation. He could of picked anything and He chose a donkey!! If we aren’t careful we will look back and 3 years will have passed but we don’t even know what we have accomplished because we are too busy trying to keep up with the pace of today’s society and we forget to take control of our own time. Anytime you read about Jesus in the Bible, He is always at peace and never in a hurry. He knew everything would work out in the right time. Even when He heard the news of Lazarus we read that Jesus stayed a few days before going to see him. Obviously that would be an urgent matter to us! However, Jesus knew exactly when the time was right. Can that be said about you? I read once that every time we begin to feel stressed it’s because we are walking in pride and I couldn’t agree more. We are looking to ourselves instead of fully looking to God as our source. There are a few ways that I think can help us manage our time better and to live a life more like Jesus:

  • Own the language that you’re saying. The words that are coming out of your mouth are defining the life that you are living. Being overwhelmed is a choice. What are you saying about the schedule you have and what you “have” to do? His yoke is easy and His burdens are light!
  • Own the time. Does your time reflect what is important? We are good at giving time to things that aren’t important instead of the things that are. I love that Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies set for Him. They were important to Him and you could see that in His daily walk. Ask yourself this when trying to decide what you should say yes or no to, what if I didn’t do this? If it brings you peace to not do it, then put it down.
  • Defend what God has called you to do. Pick only 3 things that are the main focus of your life. These are what get the most of your time and resources. Yes there will be other things that you do and are a part of your life but the main focus puts you back towards what God has called you to do instead of being distracted by other things.

Friend, let’s be purposeful with our time. I believe that as you put forth the effort into managing your time better you will start to accelerate and grow into all that God has called you to be!