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The new year is right around the corner and I want to challenge you with something this year… stop making New Year’s resolutions! Sure it’s great to have goals and things you wish to accomplish throughout the year but like most of us we hustle hard in the first couple weeks of the new year and then the end of the month hits and we have another month and another, and suddenly you don’t even remember what your goals are. Do you see where this is going? I’ve been there too! And then one day I was sitting in a service and heard a Pastor say this, “stop making new year’s resolutions and seek God for a new years revelation”. Whoa!! This changed everything for me! Now I no longer make goals for things I want to do but I seek God and ask Him what He wants me to do. I love in Psalm 34:4 where the Bible tells us, I sought the Lord and He delivered me. The Bible tells us several times to seek the Lord and you will find Him, knock and the door will be open, so the thing is if we want to really start seeing results we have to stop making it about us and make it more about Him. Resolutions are ways that make you better, how you can achieve goals, how can you accomplish something but a revelation is wholly dependent on who God is and what He can achieve in your life through you. When you start to do this you’ll go from setting goals to achieving goals in no time! 

Friend I want to challenge you as the new year quickly approaches to get before God with an open heart, get in his word, seek Him for a New Year revelation. Ask God what do you want me to give the best of my time, energy, and resources to? What is your plan for my life in 2020? Then write it down and go tell somebody about it! I can’t wait to see all that God does through you life in this upcoming year, cheering you on! XO