We have a lot of responsibilities in our life. I can think of a list off of the top of my head that I am responsible for and I bet you can too! But, there are also a few that don’t instantly come to mind that we should actually be worried about the most.

My spirit is my responsibility. We have to get to a point in our lives where we aren’t waiting for others to encourage us and motivate us but to a point where we fully trust God with what He has planned for our life.

My heart is my responsibility. You have to forgive and let it go. If we’re not careful we let the enemy have an advantage over us not because God’s not stronger but because we are making decisions through the filter of our past disappointments.

My friends are my responsibility. God wants us to go into all the places he has for us but the problem is that you can go to the right place with the wrong people and it will be the wrong place. In order to get to the right place you need these types of friends:

  • The Cheerleader / always believes in you and on your side
  • The Pusher / constantly challenging you and reminding you of what you are capable of
  • The Loyal Confidant / on your side no matter what

My confidence is my responsibility. Don’t get into the comparison game. Comparison only makes you feel like you are either doing better or are doing worse. One results in pride and one results in shame. In doing this, comparison:

  • Keeps us from enjoying God
  • Is a self fulfilling prophecy
  • Causes us to view everything as a competition

Your spirit and your confidence are the bookends which cause your heart and relationships to flourish and be pure which in turn lets God do all the amazing things He has for your life! Friend, it’s time to take responsibility and move forward into all that you are called to be!      XO