I don’t know about you but I always strive to be a positive person. But unfortunately disappointments are inevitable even for the pessimistic. Sometimes being pessimistic is even harder because you believe the best always and most times things don’t turn out like you had thought. How we handle these disappointments and frustrations are important! What do you do things don’t go as planned? I love the story in Luke 24 where the two disciples were walking and discussing all that had happened when Jesus himself caught up and walked with them! They were so disappointed and could only see what was wrong that they didn’t even notice Jesus himself was with them! When we lose hope we also lose perspective and we aren’t able to see Jesus in the midst of our circumstances. Disappointment is actually selfish because it sucks all the hope out of a situation to where you can’t see God moving. Unfortunately we don’t get do overs in our life. You can’t un yell at your kids, you can’t re-do that conversation you had with a customer. We don’t get a chance to take those things back but we can decide that your disappointment won’t rob you of a great future. Even though things didn’t go as planned, God still has a great plan for you. It’s how we handle these disappointments that set up what the story of your life is.

Believe the best for your future. Don’t camp in your disappointment, move forward! 

-Talk to you future. Even though you don’t feel like it right now or circumstances may say otherwise, declare that God has more and is taking you to greater places! The words you are speaking and what you are declaring is what will either build you up or tear you down. 

-Keep yourself fresh. Take time to be renewed by God, shut down all distractions and be filled with His presence. 

-Never allow your faith to come down to the level of your circumstances. Always call your circumstances to come up to your level of faith. Constantly be believing God for greater! 

Friend, I want to remind you if it isn’t good God isn’t done, He gets the final victory. Stop looking at disappointments as a setback and start looking at them as a stepping stone to where God is taking you!