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Too often we feel like if we don’t go across seas then we won’t be making a difference in our world. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is need right in your own community, in your own city, in our own nation, and even your own neighborhood. We have to stop making a “mission” trip something we do once a year but instead make it a life we live. That’s when we will start to see a difference around us. So how do we do this? It can be overwhelming when you start to think about all the needs around you but the first step is simple- pray. Ask God to show you where a need is around you and He will put you in touch with what you have a heart for. The second thing is- to listen. We have to have our ears open to the needs of our community. Most of the time we have assumptions of what a need may be and more times than not that need is actually different but we wouldn’t know that if we didn’t’ listen and hear the needs of those around us. We try and help a problem with something that we are comfortable doing, by bringing food or clothes when really that is not needed at all. In turn we just end up doing busy work instead of feeling a real need. The third thing is- to act or give. Obviously giving your finances is always generous but sometimes it’s giving of our talents and abilities. Instead of doing something general such as donating canned food or money, it’s our specific gifts and abilities that really enable us to make the biggest impact. If your a hair stylist then maybe it’s cutting kids hair for free before the school year, or maybe your an accountant so helping families with lower income do their taxes for free so they can spend that money on other needs. We all have gifts that can help others more than we think! With this, my hope is that you are starting to think outside of the box of ways that you can make a difference in your community! XO