If your anything like me I’m sure you’ve asked yourself once (or twice) how to know what your plan and purpose is. If this is something you have been wrestling with, I love in Hebrews 3:1-6 where Paul lets us know a few things regarding this:

  • God has called you to a feast, not a famine. How many of you have looked at others, or let’s call it as it is, compared your life to others, and thought about all they had and then look at all you don’t have. If you are seeing your life through the lens of famine then Paul is telling us here that God has called you to a feast. How exciting is this! And the great thing about God is that He does it in abundance. God isn’t limited or have a budget for your life. God is exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask, think, or imagine and everything you need already exists!
  • It’s time to fasten our thoughts. This doesn’t mean fasten our thoughts to what the economy says or to what our circumstances say. We cannot move forward into all that God has for us if we are holding onto past pain, disappointment, or rejection.The Bible tells us that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind so you can’t expect change to show up in your life without changing what you are doing. Spiritual maturity are those who are observing their thoughts. You cannot change or set the direction of your life until you are clear about how you see yourself and what you think you can accomplish. Your thought about your problem is more important the problem itself!
  • Be faithful to all that God has call you to do. God measures faithfulness in years not days. I don’t know about you but that’s a big relief! Of course we will have days that we mess up and that’s okay as long as we keep being faithful with the last thing God told you do to. It doesn’t mean that it will go perfect, just do the best you can with what you have today!

Friend, whatever season of life your in right now, a feast is waiting for you right around the corner!