There are good leaders and there are great leaders. Whether you are leading in your home, at your office, or maybe at church, you have a responsibility as a leader wherever that is. The book of Genesis has several principles that I believe we can get out of it to guide us from being good leaders to great leaders.

  1. Genesis 14:18-19 / Leaders are always ready to give a blessing and also receive one. Leaders are generally giving things away, that’s part of leadership. What I love here in this verse is that not only did he give a blessing but he was willing to receive one as well. We have to remember as leaders that just as much as we are always giving to others we have to take the time to receive for ourselves as well. I want to tell you right now, as a leader, it is okay to say that you need help. Don’t be afraid to reach out and receive what someone is willing to bless you with!
  2. Genesis 26:17-18 / Leaders have to draw from the past. The difference between good leaders and great leaders are those who look to the past and reflect on those who have gone before them. To notice their successes and draw from them. Just pick up where they left off!
  3. Genesis 25:30-31 / Leaders always know what’s most important right now. If you want to be a great leader you have to keep your eyes on what’s the most important thing not whats the urgent thing. We have to be careful to not fill the most immediate need that we miss what’s important for the long term goals. Identify what’s most important and stay focused on achieving those goals.
  4. Genesis 38:26 / Leaders admit when they are wrong. If we are going to do great things for God, we have to have a willingness to take responsibility when we are wrong. The difference between the people who lead and the people who follow are those who are able to say “I was wrong”. People don’t follow you because you are perfect, they follow you because of your transparency to admitting when you mess up.
  5. Genesis 41:15 / Leaders dream and help others with their dreams. A great leader helps others get to their dreams even when it looks like their dreams aren’t happening. Be faithful at helping others flourish and get to the next level all while having a dream in your heart as well.  

Friend, it’s time to take yourself from being a good leader to being a great leader!