Having your heart checked is a common thing when going to the doctor. It’s so important that no matter what your symptoms are they will always check your heart first. What if when we started feeling insecure, offended, bitter, and so on, we stopped to check our hearts. Maybe that relationship you are worried about would be restored, or maybe you could find peace for that co-worker that got promoted instead of you. What makes our heart the most toxic is walking in unforgiveness and bitterness. And if we aren’t careful we’ll find ourselves walking offended by something that we didn’t even know offended us. How can you tell if you need to check your heart? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do you respond when people get promoted?
  2. Do you avoid going places where people who hurt you are?
  3. Do you continuously find yourself being judgmental and critical of others?

These questions alone will help you see if there is an area you need to work on. If we don’t work on it we end up being offended by things that in turn only hurt us. And here’s the thing, offended people are selfish, negative, and they miss God’s plan for their life. That’s just what the enemy wants. So here’s how you can get your heart in the right place if you find yourself feeling offended or bitter:

  1. Pray- the first step into getting a healthy heart is recognizing you can’t do it alone.
  2. Study- there is power in God’s word, study on the issue that is battling in your heart.
  3. Move on- every time the enemy gives you a chance to be offended, don’t take it.

Friend, whatever is battling in your heart it’s not worth the plan and destiny God has for your life! It’s time to move on to all that God has for you!