You wouldn’t drink poison if someone gave it to you, right? However, we are putting poisonous relationship into our life all the time. All relationships are either poison or vitamins to you. You may be thinking, oh it’s not that bad, but just like vitamins take time to make a difference in your body so do our relationships. The problem is we spend a lot of time preparing for our destiny but don’t spend a lot of times preparing our relationships for our destination. The Book of Ruth is a prime example of this. I love this story so much because here are three women, Ruth, Naomi, and Orpah, whose husbands have passed away and the mother, Naomi, decides to move to another country. The two daughters decide to go with her but she offers for them to go back to their home knowing that their life is there. Orpah decided to leave and go back while Ruth stays with her mother in law. What we can gain from this is that Ruth’s relationship with Naomi wasn’t about what Naomi could do for her but what she could do for Naomi. Ruth was willing to stay with her through change and hard times. So, how do we know if our relationships are healthy or poisonous?

  • Healthy relationships are okay with change. These are the friends that even when you decide to make a life change or go after a dream they support you and encourage you even if it doesn’t look like their life. They are okay with you changing and fully support you along the way!
  • Healthy relationships don’t leave during hard times. These friends don’t back out on you when times get tough. They are there for you to pick you up and make you laugh even when things aren’t going great.
  • Healthy relationships always make you leave feeling better about yourself. Have you ever left hanging out with someone and felt drained? I know I’ve been there! All people want to do is complain about their job, their spouse, their kids, and anything else they can think of. That’s poison to you! On the opposite end, a healthy relationship should have you leaving thinking you can take on the world!

Most of time we think relationships are okay when in reality they are poisoning you and keeping you from your destination. How is your current situation? Are you feeling like everything is falling apart and not working out for you? Evaluate who you are hanging around and what is being said. We have to be okay that some people are not meant to go with us the whole way. Just like Ruth stayed and Orpah left, Orpah was never heard of again but the story went on to talk about Ruth and Naomi. God knew exactly who she needed in her life just like He knows who needs to be in yours. Those who are meant to stay, will stay!