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I love the movie Wizard of Oz! I think this movie depicts a lot about leaders, specifically three types of them. You have the wicked witch which has a bunch of monkeys following her mostly because she intimidates them. She had a great following but they were only there because they had to be. Then you have the Wizard who led by intimidation, he had all the show of the big loud voice and grand ideas but in reality he was a tiny man hiding behind a screen who wanted to make people feel small. A lot of leaders lead this way, just wanting to be better than someone so leading people to feel smaller and less than them. Either one of these styles of leadership are not effective long term, people may follow but the chance they have to go elsewhere, they will. Then there is Dorothy who was an inspirational leader. She always called out to peoples purpose, took time to listen to people to find out what their needs and desires were. She wasn’t so driven by her own goals and ambitions so much that she didn’t care about others. If you take notice all the great things Dorothy did throughout the movie was with a team and not by herself. What makes the difference between good teams and great teams are great leaders. The witch, wizard, and Dorothy all had the same goal in mind but only Dorothy had the right approach to leverage her team to go to the next level. I love the book of Luke in the Bible where you see that throughout every chapter Jesus is leading in an inspirational way. Jesus constantly reaches out to people and calls to their potential. In reading through Luke I found a few different things I believe it takes to be an inspirational leader vs an intimidating one. 

  • Inspire people with purpose. Let people know why you do what you do and that becomes more important than what you do. What is your why?
  • Be relational. Take time to listen to people, it’s not always about you! 
  • Discover people’s gifts. Take the time to discover peoples specific gifts, talents, and abilities. Once you see everyone’s different roles you can have them in the place where they will thrive. 
  • Be uncomfortable. Sometimes you won’t have all the answers and that’s ok! You have to be comfortable with uncertainty. 

Friend, whatever area of life you are leading in remember that great teams come from great leaders! Let’s inspire those that follow and surround us! XO