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You were created on purpose for a purpose. I don’t just say this but I truly believe it. You can read in Genesis 1 that everything God created was made with seed within itself. In other words, God is letting us know that from the very beginning of creation 1) all you need is already on the inside of you and 2) He created us with multiplication in mind. Most of us look around at our lives right now and think it’s anything but significant and then we start to question our purpose. Did you know over 80% of Christians do not know what their purpose in life is. Let’s put it this way, what if 80% of our body didn’t function the way it was supposed to? We wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that we do on a daily basis. Are you a part of that 80%, do you ever feel like everyone has a calling for their life but God has forgotten about you? You are not forgotten and God has good things in store for you! You are here for a purpose and I want to help you figure that out by asking yourself these simple questions:

  1. What do you do that is effortless for you? Think of something in your life that doesn’t feel like work to you and just comes natural. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head be observant of what that looks like for you over the next couple of days. Maybe it’s even something that you naturally go to that brings you peace. It looks different for most people, some it may be it’s organizing, for some it’s planning parties, others it could be teaching. It could be anything, what does that look like for you?  
  2. What areas are you a go-to person? Look over your life and think about the things that people constantly ask you about or get your advice on. What do people ask for your help that comes naturally to you? 
  3. What do you wish you could stop doing? This alone will help you realize what you are not called to do so you can stop wasting your time. Whatever this is, it will make you feel heavy and be exhausting to you. What is it about this task that you don’t enjoy and that will help lead to what you do enjoy! 
  4. What environments are you drawn to? This could be an area that makes you come alive when you are in it, something that you love to be around. It could be in an office space, being outdoors, maybe a coffee shop, something that brings you joy when you are in it. 
  5. What do you shy away from? Usually those are indicators for your calling. Most people don’t just jump into their calling, they tend to make us scared and nervous because we aren’t comfortable in that area and we shy away. Is there an area in your life where you keep being drawn to but you shy away from? 

Friend, you are here for a purpose and I can’t wait to hear about how God uses you in that! Cheering you on heart and soul. XO