The rush of new years is gone and if you are like most people in America, 80% have already given up on their goals by now. Maybe you are thinking it’s too late to start or you are overwhelmed with the thought of goals and are totally over it! There is a reason why most people give up on their goals within just a month of starting them and I believe it’s because they set a resolution instead of a revelation.

Why resolutions don’t work:

They keep the focus on you. Goals are made with one person in mind, you. The main focus is how to make things better for you. In this, we analyze our lives thinking about what we have failed on in the past and how to make this new year better.

We focus on what we don’t want. We make a list of all the things we don’t want and make that our version of goals instead of asking God what He wants for our life and how He can use us.

Instead of focusing on a resolution, we need to put our focus on a revelation. What is a revelation? A God spoken word, and in that word comes the power and the ability to accomplish it. It’s simply getting before God and asking… God what to you want for me this year?

Why revelations are important:

It keeps you focused. It’s essentially your mission statement for the year. All that you do and whatever comes your way you know that this is your main focus.

It inspires us when times are hard. It reminds you what God has said. When things don’t line up or your circumstances say otherwise, you can stand on what He has told you!

It keeps you focused on God. Instead of being centered around you and how you can achieve goals a revelation should be so big that you can’t do it without getting God involved.

Friend, it’s not too late to ask God what He has planned for you this year! If you are feeling overwhelmed by goals and lists and the excitement of the new year is gone take the time to get alone and quiet with God and ask what He wants for you this year and start now! Cheering you on!