I found myself asking God, is there ever going to be a time in my life where I don’t need a miracle to see the next thing happen? And instantly He tells me, Crystal, the goal of your Christian life is not to need me less, but to rely on me more. Wow! What I realized in that moment is so often we want to give up because what we are facing seems impossible and the truth is that God did not make us to live mediocre and average lives. He made us to be continuously going into great and wonderful things. Let me put it this way, if you feel like giving up that means you are on your way to doing something big for God. People that live average lives don’t need God to get through everyday tasks but those who are pressing on for bigger and better things need God on a daily basis. There are a few stories that come to my mind when I think about living a lifestyle that doesn’t give up easily:

Luke 18 /  Do not give up.  What we can learn from this is not to give up even when others, especially those we look up to, tell you otherwise. We have to keep pushing forward even when someone tells you you’re not good enough.

Matthew 9 / Don’t worry about what people say. If the woman, who touched the hem of His garment, in this story would of let the crowds opinion of her keep her from Jesus she would of never known what He had available for her. So often we let other people keep us from what God has. Somebody else’s opinion of you does not matter!

Luke 19 / What you don’t have couldn’t keep you from all God has. We are really good at taking inventory of our shortcomings, our weaknesses, and what we don’t have. Quit letting what you don’t have keep you from doing what you can. Just like Zaccheaus in this story, he couldn’t make himself any taller but he could use what he had (the tree) in his situation. Utilize everything you do have to the best of your ability and let God handle the rest!

God has called us to not give up! He is looking for people who keep pressing on even when circumstances aren’t going your way, and I know you are just that person!! Keep pressing forward friend, you got this!