A journey that should of taken 11 days took the Israelites 40 years. If we can be honest with ourselves most of us have been stuck in this same place. It’s taking way longer to get to the place God has called us to be than it should. There are many reasons why the Israelites took the long journey but I want to share with you the four main things that I believe we can learn from this journey that are holding us back. 

Complaining / God takes it personal when we start to complain. Complaining trains your mind to see the negative in your life and the more we complain the more things we don’t want will appear in our lives. Death and life are in the power of the tongue so your life is as good or as bad as you make it. Just like the Israelites, God was providing for them in supernatural ways but all they could see was what wasn’t working. Complaining only glorifies what the enemy is doing so instead start being grateful and glorify what God is doing!

Fear / Every decision you make is made through fear or through faith. Fear makes you live your life in expectation that something bad is going to happen where faith makes you live for the good to happen. Fear has one objective, to keep you where you’ve always been instead of letting you see where you can go. What is fear taking from you?

Self-centeredness / We must become more focused on how we can make others known and greater instead of ourselves. If you woke up tomorrow and God answered all your prayers from today, what would be changed, you or the world? Let His blessings flow in and through you!

Isolation / There is a multiplication effect that happens when you get united with other people. So of course the enemy is going to try and keep you from that. The enemies one objective is to get you alone so he can feed you with lies. The more lies we hear the more walls we build up. The walls we build can keep sadness out but they also keeps joy from coming in.

Friend, you can’t impact and influence the world around you if you are alone, living in fear, constantly complaining, and only worried about yourself. It’s time to stop assisting the devil and to get in step with God to see what He has for you!!