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If there is anything we can say about the time we are living in right now is that it is unusual and uncharted. Whether you are leading a company, a church, your family, friends, whatever it is nobody has been through this before. In life we have a picture of what a wedding looks like, what starting a business looks like, what starting a church looks like, and etc. There are books, podcasts, youtube videos, and all kinds of resources out there to help guide you but not for this type of pandemic. The good news is- you get to define and label this season for you, your family, and your life. What are you going to remember from this season? You can be in a season of life where things are bad but there are also always good things. Which are you choosing to take with you? Everybody takes things differently and that’s okay. We must remember that just because we are taking something one way someone else may not be. Have grace for others around you because everyone processes differently but I can know this, God is doing something great even though it may look differently right now! My family and I have discussed some ways that we are striving to define this season of our lives and I want to share those with you! 

  • Looking for opportunity in obstacles. It’s easy to focus on everything you can’t do during this time but instead look for opportunities in those obstacles. More millionaires were made during the great depression than any time in history. It’s because they chose to see something differently and saw the opportunities in the midst of obstacles! The opportunity may not be a business idea but just getting quality family time in and starting game night or family dinners. It’s time to start to appreciate what we’ve taken for granted for so long. 
  • The value of connection. We’ve been told to social distance but more than ever we have to be intentional about reaching out to people in our life. We get so busy making a living that we haven’t been building a life that we want. Social distancing has made us pause and realize the connections you need with the people you love and that’s what is most important. Let love be the definition of this season. 
  • Serve and love others. This is simple, give more and love more to others. This isn’t a time to hoard and only think about yourself. What do others need from you in this season? 
  • Slow down. For the first time in a long time the evenings have been quiet and not full of here and there. No sports or extracurricular activities filling our calendars. There is a sweetness about this time, enjoy this time and season with your family and friends. We have to learn to be okay with the quiet! 
  • Remember this was a time of prayer. We are told to social distance but we can’t spiritual distance. In fact we need to lean in more than ever before. Stay away from the media and get into the word! Be in prayer always. 

Friend, if God is for you, who can be against you! Wherever this finds you remember you have the opportunity to define this season of your life. What will you say? XO