Comparison is the thief of everything we want most in life. In 2 Kings 3, we read a story about a king going through a war that seemingly he is about to lose. He is feeling defeated and desperate for a victory. Instead of turning to Jesus, all he can think of is what has worked for others in the past. How often this happens in our own life. We start to compare others stories to our own. We look at how she parents her children, or how they started that business, and the list goes on. Instead of asking God how we should move forward we base our idea of success on what others have accomplished and the patterns they took to get there. Here is the King of Israel looking for an easy way out by trying to copy what others have done to get to a victory. Can you relate? We can’t get what others have by copying them, the only thing that will make you have success is if God has spoken it over your life. We must get before the Lord and ask Him what He would have us do instead of looking to what others have done. When we get in that place it leaves the door open for us to:

  • Get a word from God. 
  • Obey what He is asking of you (even if it looks foolish). 
  • See Him show up. 

Victory will only come when you stop comparing and get in a position to hear God’s word for you! Maybe you aren’t seeing the results you want because you are too busy trying to be like everyone else. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you, and start seeing victories like never before.