The year 1919 marked a time in history for women. Women were now able to vote. With that brought many other opportunities for women throughout the years. In fact, women are now able to have leadership roles in our country, run large corporations, and able to give their life on a mission field but there is still one place that women aren’t accepted to have leadership roles and that is in the church. There are several scriptures in the Bible that back women in ministry that I want to share with you. But first, I want to clarify that in order for any belief or view to be considered doctrine these things must take place-

  1. It must be taught in the old testament
  2. It must be taught by Jesus
  3. It must be taught by the apostles in the new testament
  4. It must be practiced by the new testament church

Taught in Old Testament:

Judges 4:4-6 / The Bible calls her a prophetess, who is leading both women and men.

Joel 2:28 / The only way to prophesy is to speak vocally which this states that sons and daughters will teach the word.

Taught by Jesus:

John 4– After this life changing moment for the women at the well, He tells her to go and share her story with everyone and the whole city came out to hear. He didn’t tell her to specifically go tell women or stay away from telling her story to men but to share her story with everyone! If Jesus was against women leading then why would He send a women to go tell her story? Every time we share the message of Jesus, we are sharing our story, our testimony, of how Jesus changed our life. She was preaching the gospel message to all!

John 20:11-18 / When Mary finds Jesus has risen, He tells her to go and tell the good news to all the disciples. Her first assignment was to go and speak the good news to men.

Taught by apostles in the New Testament:

Philippians 4:2-3 / Paul spoke of Women being partners in the ministry with him and spreading the gospel.

Acts 2:18 / Male and female servants shall prophesy. 

Practiced by New Testament church:  

Acts 9:36 / She had good works and acts of charity to mixed company, it didn’t specify men or women. 

Act 21:8-9 / There were 4 daughters who had the gift of prophecy. 

These are just a few references that Jesus supported and encouraged women to use their speaking gift to tell their story and play a part in leadership roles while spreading the gospel. We are made to beautifully compliment each other as men and women and lead side by side all while sharing the love of Jesus to all! I hope this encouraged you to use your story and not hold back from what God has called you to do as a woman or man. I’m cheering you on! XO