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Who I Am

Do you have someone in your life who has helped shaped you into the person you are today? For me that was my Uncle John. He was one of the greatest theologians around and I want to share just a small amount of some life lessons he taught me that have truly shaped me into who I am today. 

  1. Have a passion for the word of God. The Bible is like a woman, she will undress for the one who loves her. To know God is to truly be in love with His word. If you don’t know where to start or find it confusing you can read my Understanding Scripture (attached below) book that I wrote basically from everything Uncle John taught me. This will help you find a deeper passion and love for who God is! 
  2. How to see people like God does. There is a difference in just seeing people and seeing people like God does. He loved people like God loved them and would make you feel like you are the only person in the room when you were talking to him. It made me realize to not just treat people as ordinary but always see people for who they are and who God says they are. He was always looking for an opportunity to share what God said about others and it challenges me to do the same!
  3. If you’re not a faith preacher, you’re a fake preacher. He always declared the great and good things that God wanted to do in our lives. Even in the midst of his sickness he preached that his sickness wasn’t God’s truth but God’s truth was healing and health in our bodies. He believed God was able all the way to his final breath. We can believe God for big things not just when they make sense but even when things don’t look promising. Choose to believe by faith always, God is who He says He is regardless of what is happening in your life. 
  4. Give your life to the things that matter most. I want you to think about your Thanksgiving table and who is around eating with you during this time. No take it a step further, you are in your last moments of life and who is with you? Those people- make sure you give your time and attention to them first. 
  5. Paul is our apostle. The letters written by Paul in our Bible are the most important for us as new testament believers. If we understand that then we can move on into other studies but above all we must know that Paul is our apostle and he will teach us what we need to know as believers. 
  6. True discipleship happens Monday through Saturday. It’s the dinner table conversations, the everyday life, and the moments spent together that make a difference. Yes, Sunday services and messages are important but true life change happens during the week in our everyday lives. It’s having those conversations with people who you look up to and want that deeper impartation with that will make discipleship happen. 
  7. Live your life like you are exactly who Jesus says you are. Who we are in Jesus is so much greater than we see in the natural. What if we began to believe what the word of God says? We are sons and daughters of the King! We are forgiven, we are loved, we are favored, we walk in grace, and the list goes on. Once you have this mindset it is amazing what you will start to see in your life. 

I hope that these simple truths will help you to see life differently and to have a deeper love for who God is. XO


Relationship Goals

Valentines Day is just around the corner and you are probably finding yourself looking for gifts for your significant other and ways to make them feel loved and special. Or maybe you are single in this season and you’re praying for that special someone to come into your life. Either way we all need guidance when it comes to relationships. Relationships aren’t great naturally, it takes time, effort, and work. These are the top 9 relationship habits that I believe will keep your relationship healthy and happy:

  1. Have similar values and beliefs. Find out the vision of where you are heading in life and make sure you and your partner are on the same page so you can support one another. 
  2. Have respect, honesty, and truth for each other. This speaks for itself, have a house that builds up one another. Remember, your children are always watching and they see how you treat each other and how you speak about each other to others. 
  3. Acceptance. Your partner is not you, so stop trying to make them another version of you. Accept that they are who they are and you make a pretty great team together! Ask yourself this- is the majority of your prayer time spent on changing them or changing you?
  4. Communication. You can tell if your communication is clear by if you can communicate your wants and needs directly and honestly.
  5. Conflict Resolution. Apologize when you are wrong! You can have pride or you can have a good marriage but you can’t have both. 
  6. Put your spouse first. If you see an area where your spouse is pouring into (*kids life*) it’s probably because they aren’t getting what they need from you. Make your spouse a priority!
  7. Friendship. Do you and your partner have fun together? Spend time together doing things you love. That doesn’t mean you can’t have time with friends and do things alone but don’t neglect doing all the fun stuff without your spouse.
  8. Intimacy. Have that conversation of what the expectations are. Be open and honest with your needs. Intimacy isn’t just about sex but about physical touch and spending time together. Know what the need is and fill that need. 
  9. Healed past. Your partner is not responsible for how your relationship was with an ex or family member. You can’t project your past pain onto your partner, go to counseling and let them handle it. 

Relationships take work and the enemy is always looking for a crack in your relationship. In order to keep a strong healthy relationship we have to be intentional about making these decisions daily that way when conflict arises the enemy has no place. Nobody said it would be easy but it will be worth it! XO

The thing about calling is..

You are called. There is no taking it away or changing it and you don’t get to choose how you are called. I love in 1 Samuel 16 where the prophet Samuel shows up to Jesse’s house and he informs him that one of his sons will be anointed as the next king. The reality was the son that was chosen was the son that his father would never have thought could be a king. You see, the father didn’t get to choose which son would be chosen and neither did David! God already had the calling on David’s life. In fact, most people in the bible don’t get called in this magnificently beautiful way but in a way that we would never think possible. The thing about calling is we don’t get to choose how or what it looks like. More times than not, God shows up not when you are doing mighty and great things (although He is with you there too) but He shows up in the everyday ordinary, when we are being faithful with whats in our hands. So often we have this idea of wanting to do something great for God and most times God is just wanting us to be faithful where we are. The other thing about calling is you don’t get to choose where you are called to. It’s not about what is convenient for you at the time, in fact, majority of the time it’s a place that will take you out of your comfort zone and where you fully have to rely on God. God will surround you with the most unlikely people who speak potential into your life and who start to unlock those God given dreams. We get to our calling by us putting a stop on limiting where and how God can use us. We have to be available for what He has planned for us. Trust me when I say, when God is ready… be ready! He can make anything happen at any moment and He will use those who are being faithful in the ordinary. So friend, whether you think so or not God has a call on your life and it will happen in His time at the right time! XO

Tools for Success

Do you have “that” garage? The one where you can tell the difference on where the wife and husband organizes things. Whether or not you are the organized one, we all have this problem. Recently I was cleaning out the garage and I asked my husband what he needed and to get rid of, but like most men he wouldn’t let me throw away any tools. As I looked around I could tell that most of them haven’t been used in years. I began to think how common this is in our own life, we have all these tools available to us but yet they are all scattered around and not being used. If we are going to do everything that God has called us to then we have to have the right tools in place. I love the way my husband puts it (which justified him keeping all his tools)- without the right tools even simple projects are impossible. Here are 5 things I believe we should have in our “toolbox” to be successful: 

Good books. The most important thing that we can do is read! Maybe you aren’t a reader, try to do audio books. In today’s world there are several options for books that it is nearly impossible to not listen or read a good book. These are the books that are a must read for me every year:

  • Tales of 3 Kings
  • Imagine Big
  • 4:8 Principle

Good thoughts. This probably sounds silly but one thing I can guarantee that most people don’t put into their schedule is time to think. We can’t hear what God is telling us if we are too busy filling our minds with the noise of our daily life. Good thoughts come from being quiet and stopping to think intentionally. 

Good listening. It’s one thing to hear something and another to completely listen. We must listen without trying to get a response and listen with an intent to ask questions for greater understanding. Take time to not just hear people but listen to them too. 

Good habits. Create habits that are for you and not for other people. Too often our calendar is filled with things to please other people but I want to ask you, what are you doing for you? Start with one good daily habit. Ask yourself, what is the one area I want to see growth in? Start there, and put a habit in place to get to that goal! 

Having good friends. Surround yourself with people who will keep you accountable (with the above habits) and encourage you along the way. The people you surround yourself with will determine where you end up down the road. Good friends should challenge the way you live your life. 

I hope and pray that as we go into this new year we are more intentional about the tools we have in our toolbox to be more successful and live the life God has designed for you! Cheering you on! XO

Finding Your Purpose

You were created on purpose for a purpose. I don’t just say this but I truly believe it. You can read in Genesis 1 that everything God created was made with seed within itself. In other words, God is letting us know that from the very beginning of creation 1) all you need is already on the inside of you and 2) He created us with multiplication in mind. Most of us look around at our lives right now and think it’s anything but significant and then we start to question our purpose. Did you know over 80% of Christians do not know what their purpose in life is. Let’s put it this way, what if 80% of our body didn’t function the way it was supposed to? We wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that we do on a daily basis. Are you a part of that 80%, do you ever feel like everyone has a calling for their life but God has forgotten about you? You are not forgotten and God has good things in store for you! You are here for a purpose and I want to help you figure that out by asking yourself these simple questions:

  1. What do you do that is effortless for you? Think of something in your life that doesn’t feel like work to you and just comes natural. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head be observant of what that looks like for you over the next couple of days. Maybe it’s even something that you naturally go to that brings you peace. It looks different for most people, some it may be it’s organizing, for some it’s planning parties, others it could be teaching. It could be anything, what does that look like for you?  
  2. What areas are you a go-to person? Look over your life and think about the things that people constantly ask you about or get your advice on. What do people ask for your help that comes naturally to you? 
  3. What do you wish you could stop doing? This alone will help you realize what you are not called to do so you can stop wasting your time. Whatever this is, it will make you feel heavy and be exhausting to you. What is it about this task that you don’t enjoy and that will help lead to what you do enjoy! 
  4. What environments are you drawn to? This could be an area that makes you come alive when you are in it, something that you love to be around. It could be in an office space, being outdoors, maybe a coffee shop, something that brings you joy when you are in it. 
  5. What do you shy away from? Usually those are indicators for your calling. Most people don’t just jump into their calling, they tend to make us scared and nervous because we aren’t comfortable in that area and we shy away. Is there an area in your life where you keep being drawn to but you shy away from? 

Friend, you are here for a purpose and I can’t wait to hear about how God uses you in that! Cheering you on heart and soul. XO